How we got our surname

I told Mary not long after we started dating that when I got married I’d be wearing a green suit and have a new name… evidently she didn’t think I was serious at the time.

The main things I wanted in a surname were:

  • a new name
  • begin with a G
  • to own the .com domain

Mary had different criteria:

  • it had to sound not too¬†silly
  • begin with a G

Over two years later, after Mary came to terms with the fact I was marrying her in a green suit, we were still trying to hash out what our surname was going to be. The serious contenders were:

Surname Domain Why?
Groovy is unused and likely purchasable the word groovy came into existence with records and really stopped being used in the 1970s… 2015 seemed like a fairly good time to revive it.
Gazella we bought, but was not possible Gazella is Mary’s maiden name. The .nyc isn’t a terrible compromise, but¬†nobody knows nyc is a domain name…
Giosia was available We were watching the Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen and looked up what the G stood for.

So, now Mary and I are both fake Italians. Mary’s grandfather had made her a fake Italian earlier when he changed their family surname from the Polish Ogorzalek to Gazella.